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Welcome to the open-source revolution! If you are reading this page you are likely wondering what exactly is Linux and what can Linux do for you?..Now i want try give you Redhat Enterprise Linux.V5.
Quite possibly the most popular Linux distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core are off shoots of a single Linux distribution: Red Hat Linux. Red Hat Inc. broke its popular distribution into two separate distributions in order to serve two very different markets. Red Hat Enterprise Linux targeted at large corporations and any one else who needs phone support by a team of paid support professionals. Fedora Core Linux is the community arm of Red Hat Inc. and is used as a proving ground for new technology that will eventually make its way into the pay for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fedora Core Linux is the free distribution. Red Hat's popularity can be mostly attributed to it being one of the first Linux distributions with a simple install wizard. This was during a time when the other distributions required a mostly manual installation from downloaded source files.

Download Redhat Enterprise Linux.V5