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BlackMagic Professional Ed. is a major tool for colorizing Black & White, Sepia, or IR (infrared) photos, or to correct color / colors that re-coloring with dull, blurry, or not patut.Menjadi very easy to use, yet equipped with sophisticated features, this is software that provides unprecedented levels of productivity for photo-restoration job requiring staining or color-correction.The photographs produced have optimal saturated and consistent, true color - giving the appearance as if the original photos 'shot' with color! BlackMagic does not require the selection of specific color parameters such as color, saturation opacity, etc. - the operator simply identifies the 'type of object' to be colored.

BlackMagic then automatically performs the necessary calculations to dynamically vary all required color parameters based on the content of images and Neural Net based algorithms - in the background. 

Download Blackmagic 2.8.6 Profesional
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