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Banner Designer Pro is a deceptively simple banner design tool with features that are best kuat.Bagian about Banner Designer Pro is that it does not require you to have the skill-intensive functionality Flash.Withsimple select and drop you can add different elements to the banner You and create attractive banners with easy and full.Banner Designer Pro provides professionally designed set of attractive templates as an initial step to your banner.

-Select a banner size to suit your needs
You can choose from a set of 11 banner size options available or design a banner of specific size you need.

-Add to shape your banner
Select from the database forms and place them according to individual design preference on the banner.

-Add images to the banner and edit them
Just browse through your system and add images of your choice anywhere on the banner.
You can then edit the image to the size scale, rotate and adjust the brightness and contrast.

-Add Text to your banner design
Using the Text Tool, add text to your banner.
Banner software provides a wide selection of fonts and sizes to choose dari.Juga add color to your text to make it stand out.

Set the element-order-move objects forward or backward
Using the Arrange (front to back or back to front) tool, arrange the objects in your banner to suit your needs.

-Color & Gradient Features for your banner
Banner Designer Pro provides excellent color and gradient features. Add background color, add background color, color to define shapes and text on the banner Anda.Anda can add a solid color and gradient color as well.

-Make banners with animated Text & Image Entry Effect
The software has preset animated entry and transition effects. Choose the type of animated entry effect you want to text and images on the banner.

Setup time for effects-
Set the time for different effects happening on the banner. Various animation effects have been provided including text entry effect, text exit effect, image entry effect or image exit effect.

-Pre-defined Preloaders for loading banners
Banner Designer Pro provides a pre-defined set of Preloaders so that the banner can be displayed within minimum time.

-It really optimized banner file size
Final banner design is optimized by Banner Designer Pro to make the file light and easy to upload.

-Can publish a banner in SWF or HTML
Banner Designer Pro allows you to publish your banner as SWF or HTML so you can easily upload online.

Download Flash Banner Designer Pro 5.0 Full