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Dreamweaver 8 is a program that serves web editor to create and design a whole website based on the layout, header, and the template itself. The reliability of his own Dreamweaver 8 is the ease of creating and designing websites without having to write HTML tags one by one walalupun this program can still be used to design websites using the codes because at the time of making the program can be divided form the appearance of design, appearance, code, or both.

Dreamweaver 8 In addition to checking spelling and check vaidator codes to conform with the standards. One method that digunaan when making a website is to click and drag that can facilitate you in making the website with a quick, easy, interesting, and interactive.

Dreamweaver 8 also has the ability to support the programming server side and client side. The server side is used to process data associated with servers, such as database processing. Client side is an additional programming language as well as a complement of other programming languages.

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