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Street Fighter Alpha 3 remove "Manual" and "Auto" mode from the previous Alpha games by offering players three different style of play known as the "isms"Style playing standard,standard playing style,A-ism (or Z-ism in Japan ), based on the previous Alpha games, where players have three levels of Super Combo As with previous Alpha titles,several characters are added to the game: Cammy, who previously appeared in the exclusive Alpha 2 Gold-console,making his debut in the game's official Alpha together with some characters from Street Fighter,including E. Honda, Blanka and Vega.Honda,Blanka and Vega.

New characters for the series including R.Mika,Street Fighter,Zangief,Karin,Sakura'Ganbaru! ,And Cody from Final Fight,Mika,Japanese women wrestlers who idolized Zangief,Karin, Sakura 's
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