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Perfect Resize – one o f the best plug-in Adobe Photoshop f o r image resizing.With the help o f fractal technology , according t o developers from OnOne Software,Perfect Resize allows you t o zoom i n up t o 1000% w it h o u t the visible artifacts.This is one o f today’s most common packages f o r larger image , is used as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop.

Perfect Resize – one o f today’s most common packages f o r larger images , introduced i n Photoshop . The program works with the fantasy: clever algorithms f o r stretch every part o f the picture with regard t o its local geometrical characteristics . This avoids the usual interpolation artifacts: horizontal a n d vertical lines between the contrasting areas are n o t washed away , along the oblique teeth are n o t formed , a n d around sharp corners – halos , contrasting textures do n o t lose their sharpness , but do n o t turn into a lattice o f enlarged pixels . Pro features are legendary – a n d most o f them far from the truth.

Programs such as Perfect Resize , requires a l l those who have t o deal with low-resolution images . This a n d photos o f amateur a n d p r o f e s s i o n a l di g i t al cameras a n d images from the Internet.

Fractal te ch nol ogy requires a separate discussion , but i n general the feelings o f the processed images can be said that such a method o f increasing – t h e m o s t intelligent a n d effective . Interpolation algorithms implemented i n the Perfect Resize , are really based o n image encoding method o f IFS (Iterated Functions System),i n which every image is considered as a fractal (infinitely scalable) set.

The program is framed as a loadable module f o r Adobe Photoshop , which complements the list o f formats available f o r reading a n d writing ,two m o r e points.STN a n d FIF.These images are dimensionless: Every time I open them ,the user can specify the desired him permission . An additional advantage o f the format FIF (Fractal Image Format) is compatible with some programs f o r viewing images.

” Resize images up t o 1000%
” Supporters o f handling sharp corners a n d small details
” Control o f texture i n order t o achieve maximum results o n d i f f e r e n t types o f images
” Application o f filter-definition o n l y o n sunny sites
” Support f o r image files with layers (PSD , TIFF , etc.)
” Simulating the effect o f film grain (Film Grain) t o sharpen
” Adding additional fields t o print o n canvas
” Batch processing o f multiple files
” Includes presets size documents known types o f papers a n d photo formats
” You can crop a n d resize i n one step
” Support f o r color . models RGB , black a n d white , CMYK , LAB
” Integration with Adobe Lightroom

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