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Mortal Kombat is a series of fighting game video game developed by game company Midway Games, released in 1997.Thousands knew before the start of the series, Shinnok, one of the Elder Gods who control the six realms in Mortal Kombat universe, trying to become the conqueror of their fight and defeat Shinnok.Raiden in a war that stretched hundreds of years, then sent him to Netherealm, where he will be trapped forever. Now, Shinnok escaped from Netherealm with the help of witch Quan Chi, and trying to get revenge on Elder Gods who banished him. In his plan, he first conquered the world Edenia, with the help of traitors, Tanya, while he was preparing to attack the Elder Gods.
To stop Shinnok's threat, Raiden requests for assistance from Earthrealm soldiers who managed to save nature from the Emperor Shao Kahn in the previous title.

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