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In theory, the processor x86 and x86-64 can recognize the physical memory to more than 4 GB. In fact, Windows Vista 32 bit only able to recognize physical memory to 4 GB. Yet amid the inexpensive price of the current physical memory chips, installing more than 4 GB of memory is not something impossible.

If you are currently using Windows Vista 32 bit and then you install more physical memory than 4 GB of physical memory then you will only be known a number of 2 to 3.8 GB. The solution, you have to switch to Windows Vista 64 bit for your physical memory can be read perfectly. Unfortunately at this time not all the programs and drivers can easily be installed on 64 bit systems.

His name is human, if there is difficulty would be trying to find a shortcut to overcome adversity. Likewise with a Chinese hacker who is able to overcome the limitations of Windows Vista 32-bit capabilities in recognizing the amount of physical memory. To do that is by slipping two files into the Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista 32 bit. As we know, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise or Datacenter x86 has the ability to recognize the physical memory to 64 GB and use the same kernel with Windows Vista.

Here's my swatch steps undertaken by the hacker are:
Try to find a computer with Windows Server 2008 operating system. Copy these two files into the flash disk:[% sytemdrive%] [Windows] [Windows32] [licensing] [pkeyconfig] [pkeyconfig.xrm-ms] and [% SystemDrive%] [Windows] [ServiceProfiles] [NetworkService] [AppData] [Roaming] [Microsoft] [SoftwareLicensing] [tokens.dat]. If you're having trouble getting a computer with operating system Windows Server 2008, you can directly download the files here.
  • Prior to the next step, find the same file in Windows Vista and then copy the file to a safe place as backup if something bad will happen.
  • Next go to the Services by either typing in the Search Services in the Start Menu. Then stop service Software Licensing.
  • Right-click the file in Windows Vista and take full control on both files in your account or an administrator.
  • After that, replace both files with the files we have prepared that come from Windows Server 2008.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Bingo!, how much your RAM will be recognized properly by Windows Vista 32 bit.
Replacing two files is not without risk. There are several problems that may arise as you can no longer access the Windows Experience Index. You also can not access Computer Management by clicking Manage when right-click Computer. When you are asked to activate Windows Vista again so you can activate with hers Windows Server 2008.

Limitation of RAM on Windows Vista 32 bit is not actually a hardware problem but it is a software limitation.

Good luck
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