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DAZ 3d Studio is an illustration 3D/aplikasi animation software released by DAZ 3D Inc.Not like most 3D software, in which 3D objects are usually made ​​from scratch, DAZ Studio is designed to allow users to manipulate the "ready-made" models and this number.This aimed at users who are interested in posing the human figure and non-humans for illustration and animation, but who do not want to pay, or who may be daunted by 3D higher-end and CAD.Hal software was created as a direct alternative to Poser by DAZ Productions, a company that (as Zygote) created a built-in content to previous versions.
DAZ Studio using the model core business differ problem difficult to provide a set of components, not all important to the creation of the image, in a commercial program that tersedia.DAZ Studio provides the core of a free program costs with the features necessary for the creation of the image, while relegating other features to add-on 'plug-ins', usually commercially available, where users can add the appropriate user needs.Some argues that this means that the DAZ Studio is incomplete compared to Poser, others that it allows users to customize the tool for their individual needs as usage evolves.
With the exception of dynamic clothes and hair dynamic.As result of different lighting models, lights may need to be tweaked or replaced and while the texture is generally used between the two (besides Poser node-based materials), optimal results may need some different lighting values ​​for each respectively.
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