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Ubuntu Remix, Linux-based operating system market re-excited by the presence of some new operating system. One of the operating system has just been released is Ubuntu Rescue Remix 10:10. This new release is a rescue and computer forensics Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10:10.

Ubuntu Rescue Remix (URR) 10:10 equipped with a command-line environment that is simple and the package has been updated. “Version 10:10 (Maverick Meerkat) of devices based on open source operating system has just been released,” said Andrew Zajac is creator URR through his official website.

Features found on the Ubuntu Rescue Remix consists of software that is not familiar, such as GNU ddrescue,PhotoRec,The Sleuth Kit and Gnu-fdisk.10:10 URR continue to maintain simplicity in the open operating system.

Users can also create a boot via a USB Startup Disk Creator that is available in Ubuntu. Developer suggests Pendrivelinux when users are still using the Windows operating system. If you want convenience with full desktop, pengguuna URR can get tools from the PPA repository that comes with a graphical version of the forensic and rescue tools.

Download Linux Ubuntu V.10.10