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Fragmentation slows down your computer dramatically. O & O Defrag helps you! The defragmentation process is gathering the fragments of files and arranged contiguously on the hard drive. This is the best way to find and keep your computer's performance had originally.

O & O Defrag 12 goes even further: it divides all data from your PC by the use you make of it and moves to specific areas (zones). O & O Defrag 12 provides for that three new defragmentation methods, which represent an optimal combination of existing processes. Custom files reorganization completes the look. The time taken to boot your system and applications is greatly reduced, while the formation of a new fragmentation is avoided.

The fully automatic defragmentation advanced options for professionals, O & O Defrag 12 includes all functions that? A good defragmenter worthy of the name should include.

Key Features
Supports Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista and XP
Zoning for an optimal classification files
Three additional methods of defragmentation (for a total of eight methods)
Improved: improved performance at extreme fragmentation
Surveillance in the background: the optimization of continuous
Screen saver mode: it optimizes your PC while you are not using it
O & O OneClickDefrag for fully automatic configuration
Assistant for scheduling defragmentation

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows? 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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