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The Age of Empires Rise of Rome expansion comes bundled with the AoE Gold Edition for the Pocket PC. It's a free addition worth considering.Brief Rise of Rome Expansion Details.People who had purchased the initial release of AoE couldn't comprehend why one of the age-of-empires-egyptian-armoured-elephants most successful real-time strategy games in history couldn't follow up with an expansion offering more than four new Roman nations and some gameplay tweaks in the Age of Empires Rise of Rome add-on, released later.

There were no noteworthy additions to gameplay, just some trivial tweaks for balancing purposes (catapult assaults were devastating prior to being adjusted by the expansion).

A nicely placed boost to Tower Shield unit defenses ensured this.

It was a stroke of brilliance to port the Age of Empires Rise of Rome expansion to the PDA platform and have them bundled in one installation instead of releasing them as separate downloads.

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