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Golden Filter Pro To control computers and internet for preventing adults from watching inappropriate contents.

- Browsing History
- Restricted words to shut down any application running that contains such words
   (all supported Browsers)
- Restricted Sites (Live Update - Ability to add sites to be prevented later)
- Restricted Software
- Hiding your important Folders
- Monitoring user's activities (Capture the screen on a 1 minute basis capture and to play the
   show as administrator later on)

Important notes:
- Default Administrator's password is "admin" should be changed after installation.
- GF Pro is hidden by default ( F10 to show & F9 to hide).
- GF Pro can't be uninstalled except from inside the software.
- GF Pro application folder is hidden by default.

To be Used at:
Home, Internet Coffee, Companies, Schools, Public Libraries and Universities