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oin Crazy Chicken on his search for the sunken kingdom of Atlantis.Crazy Chicken’s insatiable thirst for adventure and the thrill of treasure hunting now take our feathered friend on a journey under the sea – in search of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Little does our hero know that the citizens of Atlantis are determined to protect it at all costs. Battle monks and guards, get chased by mummies and dodge the octopuses, as you travel through the sunken lost kingdom in your quest to find the legendary treasure! An action packed adventure awaits.

Game Features:
* Over 30 levels of new dangers and challenges that lie in wait both under and over the sea!
* Battle against extraordinary opponents and almighty gods!
* Addictive gameplay
* Superb 3D graphics
* High score table
* Hundreds of bonus points to collect

System Requirements :
  • PC Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium IV 2.0GHz or equivalent
  • Hard Drive Space (MB): 800MB
  • Memory: 512MB (1GB for Windows Vista)
  • Graphics: Any 64MB DirectX 9.0c graphics card
  • Audio: Any sound card
  • Multiplayer: No
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