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Distraught with the Tomb Raider game looks like Prince. Yes, not read wrong, such as Tomb Raider. Jump jump like Lara Croft. There are riddles and puzzles. Movements very useful.More beautiful than the Prince of Persia. Because the controls are easier to him. Walking, such as our Prince as our children circumcised.There are puzzles in the game to another adventure, action there, there is magic. Graphics superb, music is beautiful.

The event goes Caribbean seas. Open our eyes on an island. And hoplamaya jump start. I think we will open our ship to sail the ocean fix.

Let's face the terrible witness Caribbean!
I knew it since I have a weakness for horror films. So I'm looking for action games, also their fear. Obviously, with improving technology, games, horror element was very unseemly. Silent Hill as some of the finest examples of these show and FEAR. Now, again, more on the way a production is decorated with elements of horror. We do not know how much that will be successful, but the information provided is quite interesting.

WideScreen Games now preparing the construction of Black Buccaneer. The company that made the game not very experienced. Because the theme of the Second World War, a game in the bottom of Below Average Airbone Troops out now, do not have any other projects. Company and the Black Buccaneer is an adventure game currently working on called Inuits.

Location: Caribbean, 18th century

In construction will be a spectacular atmosphere. So much so that in a tour you can arm the forces of darkness, voodoo spells, lots of fantastic places dolaşacağız. Our character named Francis Blade, who fought the evil forces, a young sailor. Bladen Everything is too big in one day is a treasure hidden in a legendary decided to go to the island begins ... However, thanks to the magic of voodoo Black Buccaneera into a mysterious hero. Thus, dual personalities, the mysterious journey started happening ...

The most important feature of the game, the mystical atmosphere that comes with impressive graphics. So scary, fantastic world of the Caribbean items, sweating will present a highly realistic manner. 9 different locations bulanacağımız construction, will be 26 episodes. These parts are bound to change with 2 different characters in the terminate. Of course, each of which comes from its own combat techniques and voodoo spells.

Scary voodoo magic!

Black Buccaneer only action / horror game is not. So much so that the other side of the coin has adventure elements. At this point in various portable items are included in the game. These items we use each other to get rid of dangerous traps, and sometimes scary voodoo magic will help us solve our business, we should sometimes is a door to facilitate açmamızı.

WideScreen Games ışıklandırmalarına producer rather rely on real-time. So much so that on the very çalışılıyormuş effects. Lighting effects are also as successful as the Shadow is needed. In addition to the successful capture of a gameplay, can be

System information:
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 3.2 GB Free
Video Card: 64 MB
DirectX 9.0c

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