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Microsoft Works 9 - alternative to Microsoft Office for home use. In the composition of Works includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, calendar and Viewer PowerPoint. For many users, particularly convenient is that all programs can be run from a single interface. It should be noted that the speed of this software package on the order of magnitude higher than that of Microsoft Office, which may be of great value when used on low-end PCs.
The word processor like Microsoft Works Word, but inferior to him in terms of functionality, although superior to WordPad. In the opportunities Microsoft Works word processor than a standard set includes the spell checker, insert pictures, objects of other applications, work with tables, Thesaurus, AutoCorrect.

Also very important component of the office suites is a spreadsheet. In spreadsheets, Microsoft Works provided all the most necessary features: you can create a chart, there is a selection of different formulas and other necessary functions.

Advanced Microsoft Works calendar helps to accurately track all the important events. You can import calendar items and to easily manage the daily activities.

Means of viewing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations allow you to view the presentation, such as school projects and training materials, without the need to install the full version of the software.

Less important feature of Microsoft Works is a large collection of templates for word processor and spreadsheets. It includes postcards, letters, writing frames and so on. There are models for the conduct of income / expenditure plans for the day, cooking the books, even a family tree, as well as many other things, designed to facilitate the work and leisure users. Microsoft Works allows you to easily view and edit Microsoft Word documents and spreadsheets Microsoft Excel (version 97-2007).

Although this set of programs focused more on home users, but excellent for this and for educational institutions, and for some offices.

OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
Language: English
Activation: Integrated

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