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Social media or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Koprol has become more than just a place were friends. Social media can also serve as media to build awareness and market the product. Then, how to utilize social media for that purpose?

Danny Wirianto, Chief Marketing Officer KasKus, the largest internet forum in the country, reveals a few things that must be considered in starting a social media marketing. First, Danny said, "Read before write." That is, the process of marketing through social media should be preceded by research.

Research will be conducted effective marketing mechanism. Research can range from about the character of social media users, for example by looking at ways of communication and what is communicated in the media.

"Know what they're talking about," said Danny. "After the idea, and create analysis. Arrange small strategy and throw. Do inception, just like in the movie Inception it, "said Danny in the event SparxUp seminar entitled" Understanding Social Media 2011 "in Jakarta last week.

To do this, various ways can be applied. Danny pointed out the steps that can be applied. How, to communicate in person so that new products are considered as confidential. That way, people will be considered special.

"The information was considered confidential will definitely spread instead. Fortunately there is on us. Indirectly we managed to spread the word about our product, "says Danny. After that, see what happens. If baseball is successful, change the strategy.

In marketing through social media, he also underlined that each unique social media. So, how in every social media marketing must have a different strategy in accordance with the character of its users. "Do not hit the average. So, if in Facebook, for example, do not then attach the scan results and promotional pamphlets in-tags to many names. If you do like it, would be ignored by users, "said Danny.

Meanwhile, Danny also revealed the importance of building engagement (engagement) with the consumer. It is useful to maintain relationships with customers, build loyalty and trust products. In building engagement, giving consumers the experience can be a weapon. He cited the gaming applications that work on multiple sites as one way to build engagement.

"As social networking up. Users have never forgotten since never played Farmville. This is so one more value for up now so that could still survive, "says Danny.

In a broader scale, social media can serve as a medium for engagement. Social media becomes a powerful way to know the issues about the products circulating in the community. "If there are products that dijelekin, there's conversation in social media. So, the company must be such as PR (public relations), should also monitor social media, not only the major newspapers, "he said.

Engagement can be done to respond quickly to problems that arise. Clarification fast in addressing the issue very influential on the product image.
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