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I see and Listen In a video on Youtube, Matt Cutts from Google to answer the following question "If you were the resource persons of the SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?" If you're an SEO from a big company, whether the strategy would you do in 2011, this? "According to Matt Cutts, SEO optimization strategies in 2011 that can be done in between, the speed of loading web site optimization, internal link building and social media marketing.Although we are not SEO experts from a large company, it was tips from Matt Cutts is still relevant for the application in his blog let alone a personal blog used to farm for money.

1. Website Optimization Speed ​​Loading
Quite often I have said in some previous post, that when loading a web page or blog is one factor in Google ranking. Some study results indicate that the speed of loading a website / blog will also affect the behavior of visitors. The faster loading of a website will make visitors more comfortable or feel at home and will have more value. Conversely the slow loading of a website there is also a growing tendency to make it uncomfortable to visitors, and the edges are visitor will close the page of the website.

If you use WordPress, there are many ways to improve loading speed of your blog. Please browse my writings on WordPress Optimization category. To analyze which parts that still need to be optimized, you can use the Firebug add-ons, Page Speed ​​and YSlow.

2. Internal link building
One of the SEO optimization techniques that can be applied in building the strength of SEO in your website / blog, you can optimize your internal link building. Internal links this building you can make between a post or page or other. By giving a link between the content with each other will strengthen the SEO of a website / blog.

Internal links in blogs will also help improve the ranking of your blog and will help increase traffic and page views, because if people come to your blog has no choice but to be seen then they will go. When you offer a link to your other posts there is a chance they will click your link and the visitor will remain on your blog longer.

Another benefit when we insert a link on every article that we make is when there are other people who copy and paste our posting them raw, then we've invested a link in it.

To be more effective in building internal links, always use the keyword (keywords) that are relevant to the anchor text for a link that will you make it and do it consistently.

3. Social Media Marketing
Social media or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Koprol has become more than just a place were friends. Social media can also serve as media to build awareness and market the product. Then how do I use social media for that purpose? Although Social Media is not a search engine but for now this remarkable trend, you can combine the two (synergies).

The spread of good content on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. will create a network link building and natural. Each social media has its own uniqueness. So how in every social media marketing must have a different strategy in accordance with the character of its users. Twitter for example, which has the effect of which is likened to the spread of the virus in the body. Your business, if it is packed with interesting, can spread rapidly in the community of Twitter. For example if you launch a new feature on your blog and interesting, then send it to Twitter so that it appears the followers. There is a possibility they will spread the news.

In a broader scale, social media can serve as a medium for engagement (engagement) with the consumer. It is useful to maintain relationships with customers, build loyalty and trust products.

Good luck...!!!
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