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For tips this time I wanted to share about How do I bring visitors from the earch engines Actually I am not a Master SEO, so I apologize for SEO masters who've candidate, I made this SEO tips actually based on my personal experience of this blog.

Ok ... enough already preface, now I'm going for-for Tips and Tricks SEO for your website can be crowded and get a lot of traffic from Search Engines (based on personal experience)

1. Create a posting schedule for the web / your blog on a regular basis
for example, for my blog this schedule is:
Monday-Tuesday I will post an article about Trick Tips Ubuntu or other Open Source articles
Wednesday - Thursday I will post an article about tips trick tricks tips blogging or other IT
On Friday, for this Friday I had an article about Machine Shop specialize Heart (meditation, wisdom of life, religion)
Saturday - Sunday I'll post general articles, articles I get from searching or mailing list and email articles from my friends

The above schedule of course not very saklak, made too flexible can, stir them back day, depending on the ideas in my head
With your news or articles posted each day, your blog will automatically continue and visit the Google Bot will continue to index your article in its search engine machine. Well how about we post for the article directly indexed in google, of course, no way, for those who have not read please read it here

2. Create a unique title, and a little naughty
this point, for visitors curious and curiosity deepens we created a unique title and a little naughty. From my article that has been successful is Bizarre Sex in the World, When viewed from the title it would make a very great curiosity that provoke the reader to open the article, but its content is not pornographic picture or nude photo artists of Indonesia. But see the result, on this blog article entry in the Top read articles

3. Create keywords that are often sought after
For keywords, I also learned from her blog michael, I look at every successful reap important keywords.

Keyword here could mean your web description, can also keywords when you write a post.
For example Look, we all know that often people search for on the engine search engine is a download free antivirus, download free MP3s, photo artist nude, download film bokep, download video porn, and other-other, I is not have to mention one by one.
description and keywords in this blog, I added a keyword download the latest antivirus and download mp3 for free. I do not add porn category above for this web really does not have to discuss about sex. Consequently Download Antivirus Free 10 TOP evident in the category that is often read articles.

In addition to adding description to the information web / blog, you also have to include important keywords in each post before you, such as I did on the post right now (you know it):) I do not need lengthy jelasin yes Hehehhee

Ok, enough 3 SEO tricks tips above first yes, because my brain crazy make this article, Ntar if there are additional SEO tips tricks to new again I write again:) or there are my friends who want nambahin SEO Tips Tricks please add in columns comment below yes
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