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Many fellow bloggers who are looking for ways to increase rankings on search algorithm Engine or at least, into the search list Search Engine. Various Tips SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have been tested. Various clues cespleng been done. Sometimes, a variety of process improvement is actually forgot one basic thing, namely multiply the content of your blog.

SEO tips no matter tried and executed, however, no blog content varied, as effective as any SEO tips will be reduced usefulness. For colleagues who are just starting to create a blog, or find ways indexed by search engine, try to multiply the contents of the blog.

Do not overload it with a blog that concentrates on a niche market. In certain specialties. Specialization or concentration on the niche market is good, but, if not used to writing, this would be a burden of writing blog content.

Just write what you want to write, although it seems narcissistic and feel 'very beginning'.

The fellow who took a look at the notes blog visitors sometimes find data that visitors do not necessarily come because of the specific content but because the content is only fleeting. Many colleagues who visited her blog just because once there is one post about MP3. There is also a visit because once wrote anti-virus tips. I myself have visited your blog through search engines with the key "polygamy" when an article about polygamy only 1 post and that too in the form of humor. Some visitors even come with a keyword search for "freshwater fish" just because there is an entry about the giant freshwater fish on my blog.

Even more bizarre, there's my blog visitors coming from search algorithm engine with the keyword "thesis traffic accident cases." I never wrote about why traffic accident. Chances are visitors coming for the keyword "thesis" of his.

So, before doing advanced SEO techniques, used to do the basics of SEO, which makes the contents of blogs are varied. If your blog contains only a dozen or even dozens of articles only, Search Engines would quickly get bored and lazy to come, especially if the post is just copy and paste from your blog or other website ...
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