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Many ways are done by most for his blog can have a respectable position in the Search Engine of course on the first page, one of which is to do some basic tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to do tips which I will share it only takes a little time and you just flair. Here I will explain 10 Basic SEO Tips For Google, Yahoo and Bing, hopefully this information can help you who are actively doing SEO-jealous.

Ok, here are 10 Tips Basic SEO For Google, Yahoo and Bing:

1. Enter keyword (keyword) in the title tag of each post, so search engines know what keywords are there in every post that was made. Each post should have different keywords.

2. Make sure that your keywords frequently searched keywords by the person. If your site is about computers, then make the key word "Computer" instead of "Music" or "Motor".

3. Use the same keywords as the link text to another post in your blog.

4. Treat every post as though his own website. If every article there is a similar or identical, then the search engine will steer clear. The best way is to take one last subject you to become part of smaller, remember each article must be with the keyword itself.

5. Do not type the keyword in the entire article. This will be seen as spamming. You have to know how many keywords in one article, but make sure that keywords are matched by your article.

6. Do not collect links in 1 pages. We recommend that you put a collection of web links in the sidebar of your blog, because the links are placed in the sidebar will be considered as a sponsored link or a supporter and not as a link farm (farm link).

7. Add title tags to your text links. So not just write "click here" or "link".

8. Use alt tags for your image when you use images in one article.

9. Submit your site to search engines alone or let it be found by itself on other legitimate sites by way of the site submit your articles directory.

10. Choose web templates SEO friendly blogs with a capacity of small size makes it easy for search engines to index your web blog.

That's 10 Tips Basic SEO For Google, Yahoo and Bing, hopefully this information can be useful for you all.
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