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If previously we already know the definition of SEO [Search Engine Optimization], so today I will re-review of how the Principles SEO Work more closely and complete for you all.Review some previous articles, SEO is a technique that keyword or keywords your website / blog we can hang out on the front page of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Well do I do?

Some things to note about SEO Working Principle:

1. Keyword Analysis,
His name also has keywords [keyword] means, the keyword that is what should we shoot and we estimate what people are looking for. Keyword is an important point in the SEO, because that is what will be typed in keywords on search engines. So make the right keywords and do not carelessly.

2. Topics A Fresh,
Of course we all know that everyone would like something new, as well as topic, to be sure that new people need information as well. Look for topics that are fresh and much sought after today. Examples are able to Benefit from Google News Indonesia To Find Keywords and Recent Topics.

3. Keyword Placement in the article,
To place the keywords do poorly as well, perhaps you can see in every article, I will put the main keyword in the first paragraph and then I tuck paragragf also in the middle and do not forget to put keywords closing paragraph of his [usually find these keywords will I make BOLD].

For what, placing keywords in the third paragraph first, middle and end will be easier search engine to find articles relevant to the keyword searched and of course the same anchor text.

4. Meta Tag In A Web Blog,
Do not forget when you have created a blog to immediately put Meta Tags on your blog. Installation of the meta tag is used to describe our blogs that discuss about what would be described by a system of search engines work. For how to install meta tag just waiting for the next article.

5. The article was written By Original (not the result of copy and paste).
We must understand that search engines will love the blog that has the content / contents of the article is original and not copy and paste the results. Because the blog with copy and paste the article will enter the list of lists and will not be detected by search engines.

Such is the Working principle that we must understand SEO for web blog we can occupy the first page of search engines. In fact a blog that already apply to the above-5 would occupy the first page of search engines. Hopefully this information can be useful for you all. Greetings.
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