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How to Protect Right Click Opens A Site. One time I "walk" to a site and want to try to copy some of his article. After I do "block" of the articles I mean then I try to copy by right-clicking. But what happened is right click function has been disabled by the owner of the site which would aim to protect the article from "Copas" others (copy & paste, Red).
Intrigued by the pen-an-disable it and then I tried to find out how to break down the right-click protection. And if you want to know how, please follow the following tips. Although not all sites / blogs do the same thing (disable right click) but who knows the visitors one day see these sites.
Because protection is usually right-click using javascript then how to open protection is as follows.
For Firefox users, perform the following steps.
First, click the Tools menu and select Options, such as the following screenshot.

Second, after the show window "Options" then select the tab "Content".

Third, then treat centangan the "Enable Javascript" 

Fourth, click OK Fifth, is complete.
Users of the Opera, perform the following steps.
First, click the Tools menu and then select "Quick Preferences" Second, the further removed 
the tick "Enable Javascript", like the screenshot below. 

Third, complete

Or we can use the following javascript.
javascript: void (document.oncontextmenu = null)
The trick is when we go to sites / blogs that use the right click protection, then copy the script on the browser and press Enter. With this script, right click to "enabled" again.