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Surf Safe With Free Parental Internet Filter. Time passes so quickly like a dream child who formerly was in junior kindergarten, now in elementary school or even in junior high or high school. The bigger they increasingly became curious about new things including the Internet.

For this one is like eating bad fruit, on one side of the internet will be very supportive in terms of subjects as well as knowledge of children but on the other hand, if misused will bring much harm to the child. Because it is impossible to curb child not to be associated with the virtual world is so early on we have to introduce to them about the benefits and disadvantages of the internet.

There are times when we can accompany the child when they're "surf" the Internet world, but often because of busy, we can not be with him constantly. Well, at that moment, we can "ask for help" to the Internet software filter to replace the function of the elderly in terms fortify children not to venture into the sites that are not suitable for their consumption.

Indeed the software is not a human name, in which the tool will only work under certain logics that it is possible there are sites that are "leaky" and managed to be viewed by children. However this is still better than not using the software (the facade, Java) at all.

One thing to note is that the software may be able to shield children when they surf at home will be trouble if the child is accessing the Internet outside the home let alone in the cafe where the service provider on the Internet is seldom we find such software. Therefore, we can not "surrender" is a complete task to the software, let alone can only be applied at home. Periodically we have to do the coaching and direction so that mentally the child will have the castle itself and hopefully will not fall to the things that destroy or harm the child.

Once again, with the use of software that we mean it is just one way of many ways to cope with negative things, and one internel software filters that we can try is Free Parental Internet Filter, which until this writing has reached version 3.2. Software is licensed freeware so that we can get it for free on the internet. If interested please download it here. Large 2.4 MB file, quite small so to download it does not take a long time.

As claimed on its website, here, FREE Parental Internet Filter is a program that can help parents to monitor and control the child in using the Internet. Freeware can be used in various flatform Windows, including WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, and Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005.

In addition, still according to its Web site at least, the ability of Parental Internet Filter are as follows.
  • Reducing the anxiety when children access the Internet using our computer.
  • Protect your personal information.
  • Knowing how our children use the computer and make arrangements to restrictions on its use.
  • Protecting children from connected with the things that can harm them.
  • Maximizing the use of computers for children.

With the freeware that we can perform filtering setting (filtering) on ​​the website, group, forum, words that are not desired (Inappropriate Word), programs, and also a certain port. To do so via the Settings menu>> Internet Filtering>> and then select who will be given filters.

We also can make arrangements for Internet access can be done at certain hours only for each day. With these features, we can prevent children accessing the Internet during the hours where the parents were not at home. To do so is accessible via the Internet menu and then do setting timetables permit (given permission) or forbidden (not allowed).

In addition, with the software, we can impose restrictions on Internet connection every day (daily time limits), thus will make a person (user) to access the Internet only as needed so that it will prevent access to the internet that nggeladrah (everywhere). To do so is accessible via the Internet menu timetable>> Daily Time Limits.

Another feature is the Traffic Limits, with such features we can regulate the speed limit data traffic every day. With these restrictions may prevent the child (user) to do pen-downloading the files from large capacity, such as a video file or mp3. To do so can be accessed via the menu Traffic Limits.

Oh, yes, when installed, the freeware will automatically retrieve the account password in Windows that we use at login time, therefore, should do the replacement for the security password first. To change the password to be accessed via the Settings menu>> Settings>> Change Password.

Good luck! Before you try it please download it here first.


Freeware Name: Parental Internet Filter
Version: 3.2
License: Freeware
File size: 2457 KB
Operating System: WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005
Site: <download>
Disk space: 25 MB
RAM: 512 MB
Processor: P4 upwards