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If you like shopping online, surfing the internet and use email, the following tips you can do to secure your important data data.

Until this moment the first step to securing your computer is to install an antivirus program. This program will protect your computer from viruses, Trojan horses and malicious worms. If there is a new virus appears, the antivirus software will automatically download the latest virus data from the Internet so that your computer remains protected.

Trojan horse is a small program that infiltrated into our computer from the internet that aim to steal important data in accordance with the wishes of the maker. The data is then uploaded the data to the address when our computer trojan maker is connected to the internet.

One of the program are destructive and very dangerous backdoor trojan virus. The program is designed to exploit existing vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. Virus activity depends on the desire of the founder. There is data that aims to steal sensitive data from the target computer, some are aim delete important files from Windows, which in the end will damage the overall system. Amazingly, a backdoor trojan virus can hide itself so it is not detected by antivirus software that has been updated though. There are even able to disable the antivirus.

Other malicious programs that potentially disturb the comfort of your computing is spyware. Spyware is a small program attached to free programs that you download from the internet. This program will be very disturbing because it will always show the ads that do not you want when you open these free programs. Besides that, it sends data computing data about your activities to the creator so you are connected to the internet.

If you like air-ria email then you should be careful with what he called a spoof email. Spoof email is a hoax email that seemed to come from large companies such as ebay, paypal, internet banking and others. Email this trick most of the requested data important data from your account for later stolen by the manufacturer. If you get an email like this better if you ignore or ask again about the truth of the email to email contacts from your account.

Finally, if you find that strange symptoms from your computer after activity in cyberspace, immediately do the scanning with an antivirus program. But the most powerful way to secure your computer from all dangers is to always keep your activities in cyberspace. Do not perform actions that you do not know the effect is much less data regarding sensitive data. Use your conscience properly.

Good luck..