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Today, having a computer or laptop is not a luxury anymore as a few years ago. But the computer or laptop without an internet connection like vegetables without salt. Our daily needs require us to frequently connected to the internet. Starting from sending emails, chatting with colleagues and friends, create blogs, to update your facebook status.

So what tools are needed to make our favorite computer or laptop connected to the internet?
The following is a checklist that need to be prepared for your computer to connect to the Internet safely:

 Internet connection that can be obtained by registering the "ISP" or Internet Service Provider. This could be a cable internet connection via telephone, for example: speedy or other ISP service via telephone. Wireless connection, either through mobile or wireless internet connection.

Internet browser software. The most popular is called Internet Explorer version 7 or 8 ("IE"). The second most common browser is Mozilla Firefox. other browser options such as: Chrome, AOL, Opera, and Netscape.

Anti-virus software, firewalls and anti-spyware. For example: Symantec / Norton or McAffe, Avira Antivirus, AVG is my personal favorite. This software will help protect your computer from viruses that many scattered on the internet.

Email client software. If you frequently use email and the need to archive mail to be checked at any time, including when not online, email client software is an absolute must possess. Some email client software that you can use are: Outlook or Outlook Express, or e-mail client software for free like thunderbird.
    Optional: stereo speakers, microphone, and webcam.
    Optional: anti-spam software.
    Optional: Censorware, to help prevent our children from content that should not be viewed.

That list of devices that we need to link our computers to the Internet safely.
good luck..!!