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To Tip Which One's How to hide your email address on Facebook has been in lay out before in my previous blog. Due to several changes in appearance and privacy settings in Facebook, the tutorial was not updated anymore. Here's a tutorial how to do hidden email to look up the latest.

1. Facebook login first.

2. In the upper right, select the Account tab »Privacy Settings

Facebook Account Tab.Gambarnya As below:

3. Privacy Settings page will appear, then click Customize Settings Facebook Privacy Settings page

4. In the Contact information, email customization by clicking the tabs at the top right of your email by selecting Custom.Customize Settings Contact Information Facebook

5. Privacy Custom display appears. Then, on the part These people, select only me and click the Save Settings button. Done.Custom email Facebook Privacy

Now e-mail you on Facebook can be hidden without anyone can see it.

Please Note

With a particular method is actually the way Facebook is not yet hidden email privacy!. Other people can still break up the dihidden email them. How to see hidden email Facebook is very easy to do without having to log into Facebook at all.