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One of the classic problems after reinstalling the drivers, the sound does not appear, the graph fitting broken play games, the printer can not be using that to print. Not to mention when it would have to find cd to install the drivers that were scattered, not even often lost, or forgotten borrowed a friend. Huff tired dech. At this time computer blog for would love a solution to overcome this problem.
DriverMax. Is a free software that works for backing up drivers, with the help of the wizard all the drivers installed on the windows will be backed up automatically in the form of compressed (zipped), if a time is required after re-install, just import the driver then backed up all the drivers that will be installed to the windows system , it was all done in a matter of 5-10 minutes. Great, fast and effective rather than, than have to enter one by one cd drivers, with the help of DriverMax, reinstall does not have to worry anymore about driver.Drivermax supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Other DriverMax Features include:

    1. Download driver updates
    2. Backup drivers
    3. Obtain detailed reports about installed components and drivers
    4. Getting hardware information
    5. Can share information on hardware and drivers to a friend

Waiting for, download DriverMax now, and do the backup drivers to watch in the future, hopefully useful opinion, another story about the driver, write in the comments box ok.

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