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One more tips on facebook that you probably should know this. In order for your account is protected. Important message from Facebook about privacy on Facebook has just appeared when I opened a Facebook account today, because I most often go to Facebook and social networks are not too menggandrungi this one (go just to play the game Farmville: mrgreen:). The message that in essence we are asked to set / setting back our privacy page with the latest settings.

New Facebook Privacy Settings

Latest Facebook privacy settings are very different from the previous setting. This time, the page setup is more complex and powerful privacy. Facebook has some level of privacy that is basic to the page Friends (friend / friend), Friends of Friends (friends of friends), Everyone (everyone / anyone else). Well, in the privacy settings page, we asked to arrange the pages of what we are going to his privacy, whether to Friends, Friends of Friends, or Everyone. It all depends on you to set it. You can set the page from time to time, all depend on you Guys.

The page that you can now set his privacy, namely:
  • About me 
  • Family and Relationships 
  • Work and Education 
  • Posts I Create (Status Updates, Links, Photos, Videos, and Notes) 
  • Photos and Videos of Me 
  • Birthday 
  • Religious and Political Views 
  • address 
  • email address
Explanation of how to set your Facebook privacy page can go directly to this address - A guide to privacy on Facebook -
There are tools you can use Facebook to look at how to view private Facebook page info if you see friends or others.

Facebook tools - How others see you
With users who already exceeds 300 million users, of course, Facebook will always develop things for the user should always warn against things that can harm the user's Facebook itself. Precautions against Facebook login phishing and theft of a Facebook account (hacking accounts) should be increased by the user with the new privacy settings.