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I just realized that there were additional features in Facebook is a Security Account Login Notifications. Additional features of Facebook to protect your FB account. If you enable this feature, then Facebook will inform us via sms or email if there is login activity of a new computer or device. Hmm well confused? Now look, for example, you Facebookers in "cafe Person A", first you first log in to your Facebook account, the account menu, select the account settings submenu.

Well there is the security features of your account, now you try to activate by clicking change. Select the option on and then save. Continue to your Facebook account you logout and log back in, then there is a message which you must fill in a place where you do the activity log in your FB account, so you fill it with "cafe Person A". Filling this message will be stored by the Internet IP address where you are online. To see the results, you can enter again in the Security Account feature, from which will be recorded on the device name (Device Name) and times when logging in (Time Saved).

Features Security Account - Login Notifications to Facebook
Then the next day you ngefesbuk again, but this time in the "cafe Person B", when you log in with the new site with a different IP of course, then there will be an email or SMS as a notification that the activity of the new device is logged in your Facebook account you, so you have to fill again with his message with, for example, "cafe Person B" to mark the device namenya. And so on if you are always nomadic (moved) mrgreen:.

So, if you will suddenly have an sms or incoming email as well as the device name or the activities listed in these features than ever you do, it means that there are others who never go on Facebookanda account. Quote: Can bad then ...

So ... activate the security features of your Facebook account now. Good luck.