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This is a story about a young girl, who suffers from terrible nightmares. After the death of her father, these nightmares appear more often, and become more realistic! Help her to understand the meaning of these nightmares, and find all the doors and hidden objects in an exciting game of the mind: internal puzzles! You can download the game for free at the gates of the Mind: Interior puzzles, play and enjoy the wonderful plot interesting! Have a good time!

It's a rare thing when one of mentalism's leading minds divulges the secrets to his professional act-the material he's been earning a living with for decades. Yet, on this volume of an extraordinary video series, that's exactly what Richard Osterlind does - sharing not only the methods, but the fine details, of the powerhouse effects he's been wowing corporate and trade show audiences all over the world with. Watch him amaze the audience in performance and then go behind the scenes as Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shows you how it's all done.

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