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ZipGenius has all the main features of compression programs (zip, unzip, etc.), but it?s different from the others because it offers very special features.ZipGenius can create and handle several archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, CAB, ACE, 7-zip, ARC, SQX; also, it can read and decompress CD/DVD images in ISO9660 format (.ISO, .NRG, .CMI).

* You can give better protection to your archives using encryption instead of the standard zip password
* You can send e-mail using the built-in mail client
* You can publish archives on the Web with FTPGenius, the built-in FTP client (that can run also as a stand-alone application).
* Extend ZipGenius features with the ZGTools: these are small applets that can run as ZipGenius services or as stand-alone programs. Three ZGTools are shipped in the Suite edition.
* ZipGenius can detect the presence of a PocketPC mobile device: the program can interact with the file synchronization folder for these devices.
* ZipGenius has backup functions.
* ZipGenius supports the command line.
* ZipGenius supports 21 types of compression and file encoding format (zip, czip, cab, rar, arj, jar and so on). NEW: added support to ZIP64 format, which allows to handle zip files larger than 4 GB.
* Now it supports Windows XP visual styles and it has the long awaited zip file fixing feature.

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