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Open Canvas 4 is a graphic computer software programs that enhance the experience of drawing and painting. It has extensive features great for experienced artists, and simple enough for artist at any level to use. You can not just draw the image but also learn and exchange ideas by \ openCanvas's event playback feature and the user community. openCanvas will expand your creativity easily and efficiently.

New Features openCanvas4.5
* Tool Palette
openCanvas4.5 new feature looks elegant with a standard size of the Tool Palette. Now supports docking, window shade, and absorb while moving pallets. A lot more work that can be used efficiently than ever before.
* Color Picker
Now there are more colors. (4 system of 18 types) Also, "Hue Circle and the Regions" in the Color Picker has been added at the request of many users \ '.
* Preset Manager
Brush and Pen NIB's new editor introduced. GUI allows you to easily set up and Pen Brush NIB. You won t \ 'bewildered to make again.
* Grabber Control
Control Drabber displayed when using the "Grabber" tool. It is now possible to use the "Move", "Rotate" and "Zoom" as well.
* Menu and Shortcut Key
Most of the menu that is integrated into the main menu. Now that \ 's easy to find them because their name was changed to the understandable. Name the shortcut menu and set to be compatible as possible with the software of other paintings. Also, it is likely to change as openCanvas4 same.
* Function Enhanced Event
Event functions imposed! The speed of adjustment has been converted into six stages from 2. And, drawing procedures can create a list through the Event Log. This can make a maximum of 50 displays, and other events of stroke, such as filters now understood than ever before. In addition, the new report dialog events have been added. It becomes easier to picture when playing and checking index information after the playing time of the event. Event logs and reporting functions of dialogue can not be used for images made by openCanvas1.1.
* Gradient
Each "Color foreground" and "Background Color" is selected in the Gradient editor. Also, under the demands of users \ ', Gradient pattern made now to be like "Transparent to Foreground Color", "Transparent for Background Color" and more.
* The cursor
"Brush Tip" selected a claim now under the user \ '. Also, "appropriate" is added to the type of cursor.
* Grid
It is now possible to set "Color" and "Opaque"

Download Open Canvas Plus 4.05