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The first time the application know it's because I downloaded the parent application, Windows Live, a free software for Windows users. Incidentally at that time I again need a free email client software charge. Searching on Google-searching, not for a while I get several options. Among them is Pegasus, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora and Windows Live Mail.

Thunderbird is good. Easy to use and do not eat a lot of memory. But I found a problem when I want to make a few new email accounts that require my client as well. These emails were mixed in a folder. It's really dificult for me. Or maybe I wrote that is too stupid to set the folder settings.

When I try some other email client, I finally fell in love to the Windows Live Mail. Retail email client application from Windows. Easy to use and user friendly. In the package installation of Windows Live Mail, there are several other applications. But the most fun after his Live Mail, Live Writer is.

Windows Live Writer serves as an alternate page Blog. Easing into our blog posts. If we have an idea of ​​writing are still hanging, and not by chance again in the Internet network, could be useful. Really helped me in writing that is clear.

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