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Banana Bugs. Hordes of banana-hungry bugs are ravaging the food supply of Monkeytown and you’re the only ape brave enough to take them on.All you have to do in this easy-to-learn game is draw lines through unique shapes to fill each level. With help from the Monkey Tiki, your special rope, and a whole lot of quick thinking, it's possible, but these bugs are more cunning than you can imagine.Over 450 levels await you in Banana Bugs, for hours of fun as you shoot ropes to wall off bugs and stop them in their tracks!

Banana Bugs is a fun platform game. You have to save Monkeytown from insatiable insects in this zany action game. You take on a variety of insects with different skills like Ants, Dragonflies, and Hornets. You can earn bananas back to unlock valuable power-ups like Battle Monkeys, Coco Bombs, and Hurricanes. Play mini-games, earn bonus points, and add buildings to get Monkeytown back on track. Each ensuing level gets tougher as you look for different ways to battle the bugs. Can you survive this insect invasion?

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