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Sometimes it may occur and we thought what the heck SEO [Search Engine Optimization] it? Obviously the question will arise in our minds when we begin to understand SEO to optimize our blog. Some of the things we need to know before we stepped on to the definition of SEO:

1. 95% of all persons using the facilities Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others) to seek information. That is, at some time someone see a problem, they will open the Search Engine to search for answers.
2. 90% of visitors coming from blogs to the blog when our position on the first page.
3. 80% of blog visitors will never open more than a search engine page to page 4. So when your blog is on page 5, then you will lose 80% of visitors from search engines.

Ok, can we draw the conclusion that that, the importance of understanding this SEO for our beloved blog can be friendly with search engines and occupy the first page so we do not lose all the visitors who go to our blog.

The trick? [Wait for next article]:)

Well, back again to the definition of SEO is a technique that keyword or keywords your website / blog we can hang out on the front page of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Then the question that arises then is why many of us (Blogger) rollicking learn SEO, learn SEO techniques and explore methods of SEO?

The answer is not nothing but it is because SEO is the cheapest way of doing marketing on the internet or what we are familiar with Internet Marketing. That is the definition of SEO, may be useful for you all. Greetings.
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