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The rise of the shots keyword about seo training for beginners on google, give an inspiring me to just share SEO tips for beginners. Share sorts ranging from learn seo tips seo unity series to learn seo an easy second series I've ever written. Seo tips and seo core of 2 has also been posting I have ever describe. But after I try to look around again, it turns out "seo tips" was not for "newbies". Before you read more about my posting "seo tips for a beginner" is a good idea once you know what SEO in wikipedia. Because it's useless to read my writing seabrek gini, kalo aja have not know the meaning of SEO. . After understanding about SEO please be continued reading this post.

Well the best seo tips for bloggers who are just starting in the blogging world are as follows:

1. Give the title of your article within their keywords you want to optimize or timbak. For instance I want to be No. 1 on the blog seminar in new york city. Well given it the title of an article like that.

2. Make the content or the contents of the article according to your abilities. Do not plow, do not copy and paste. Original must be on the basis of your own mind:).

3. Renew or update your articles regularly and routinely. For instance usually cuman 1 week 1 time updates so should be routine 1-week update article. But the best is to update your articles every day 1 article.

4. Give differentiator in any keyword or keywords in your articles. Whether it's the way her bold, colorful gave in each of the keywords that will be optimized in search engines.

5. Find Backlinks whether through free classified ads, social media, up to search for blogs and then fitted to the blogroll. It's up to you just reply to this.

As one blogger handyman timbak kiwod in Indonesia: pardon:, apparently in 2008 it was worth it if called as a year-menimbak timbak handyman. Number of Bloggers who are experts in SEO if age in 2007 can still be counted pake fingers + toes 8 -} in the year 2008, I borrow your fingers + toes mas iwan alone can not make a count of seo experts. Maybe because the team victory in the race ImFreakz "Busby SEO Challenge" is the initial milestone that the builders timbak in Indonesia should not be underestimated. Well as evidence that the builders could timbak "it the name Nation of Indonesia." We pray alone in the contest Busby SEO Test, Indonesia timbak team can win.

Oke need a lot of talking and a lot more words. Good luck with seo tips for beginners from me. Seo tips over a lot easier (if in my opinion) than having to love meta tags, or other means. Congratulations tried and success always.
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