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Phaseout is a flash-based shell for Internet Explorer. which added some very impressive grafik.Terlihat with views tailored for an experienced Internet Anda.Browsing it looks very futuristic and inspired graphics space was new and worth checking out the browser mania, and you may want to consider using this browser phaseout. please

Feature Set:

Phaseout has the most important features, but still lack a few nice bonus features like password manager, feed, or parental controls.

    Ease of Use:

Phaseout aims to completely adjusted to easily surf the virtual world. While the innovative remote functions, it seems unnecessary and does not add much utility. Phaseout provide most of the tools a good browser, but they are not easy to use as we wish.


Phaseout is equipped with the best safety features, including anti-phishing. Because based on Internet Explorer you can delete your browsing history quickly.

    Speed ​​& Compatibility:

Phaseout is fully compatible with Internet Explorer, but in our computer running a little slower than we wanted. Sleek futuristic appearance, but not if you have to sacrifice speed.

    Help / Support:

Phaseout does not provide a whole lot of help for new users. There is a FAQ and email support, but no user manual, online does not help or tutorials, and no user forum.


Phaseout is a neat idea, but the browser seems a little too
trouble.Phaseout interesting, but not intuitive, and lacking in features. I recommend using Firefox with add-on if you need to personalize the look of your browser.
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