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Maxthon Browser is a versatile Internet browser You can customize as web browsing needs. Customization options include security arrangements, the layout of the interface, and plugins are useful, that you can download for free for personal information or management requirement, screen very decorative with supported by Google Toolbar.But Maxthon browser does not have some features that are offered including a higher ranking thumbnail previews, parental controls, toolbars intelligently, and anti-phishing technology.

Feature Set:
By downloading Maxthon several features that will increase surfing speed budy.Fitur an easy to use Drag and drop feature allows Buddy to drag the web address from email, Word documents or anywhere to the address window and Maxthon will bring my friend to there. tabbed browsing, buddy can quickly jump from site to site and open a number of sites in a single window browsing. After you have finished searching the web, simply save a bunch of sites and you can continue later. Maxthon even lets you reopen a closed tab in an undo function. To ensure saw liquid in the tabbed browsing, Maxthon uses anti-freeze.Mouse Gestures technology that makes you not need to find and click the button on the tool bar. You can navigate the Web through the movement of other good mouse.fitur including magic to fill out a form, a built-in feed reader, Alias ​​url.

Ease of Use:
At the end of each session, the browser will ask you if you want to save your session. This is useful if you are interrupted while you're surfing the web you can start exactly where you will end up. If you are familiar with the layout of Internet Explorer, you will have no problem finding their way around Maxthon. All buttons are labeled well and you can customize the browser bar to suit your needs.

Maxthon blocks pop-up ads and ad normal if you choose. Next, you can delete the entire browser in one step making it easy to keep your personal information private. Maxthon protect from viruses and spyware, and includes a check of trusted sites, but does not protect against phishing.

Speed ​​& Compatibility:
Maxthon offers anti-freezing technology to make browsing as fluid as possible, and intelligent acceleration to improve the speed of pages that you frequently kunjungi.dan most. Maxthon have similar compatibility with Internet Explorer.

Help / Support:
Maxthon offers online help, including FAQs, on their website. There are also a number of options available assistance from the browser bar. You can read the end of the day, looking through the user manual or search for specific topics in the database is very helpful. If you have any further questions, contact Maxthon please click the link at the bottom of this page.

Maxthon has received numerous awards and Maxton also include rank among the best. However, to be on top of the list Maxton need to add more features to follow the competition. Furthermore, Maxthon is not available for Mac computers. For a better browser, see Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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