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Your PC will not act at all? Hard drive undetectable, optical drives, which seem slow, which is not optimal monitor looks, or a router that too often hangs? Do not panic, find the solution here!Occasionally this can happen. PC suddenly acting up, and can not be resolved easily. Even if you've read the various troubleshooting guide in the manual are available. And this could also happen to you.

Not looking at the situation and conditions, a system can be acting up. It could be a moment after you perform the update drivers. Or after the addition of enhancements to your system. Or occur suddenly, without warning or prior notice.

And this review will discuss the things mentioned above. Have no need to panic anxiety and deal with it.

Sit quietly, and just follow the discussion this time. Hopefully one of them is the answer to the problems you face with your favorite PC.

Latest, Not Bug-Free Means
Not always the latest technology to provide the best for users. Even the few times we watched alone, a product that carries the latest technology, the initial batch was also accompanied by various problems frustrating enough.

For example, a motherboard with the latest chipset. Here are some cases that is often perceived by members of the lab PC Media. There should be some small-scale research, in order to run a series of tests to perfect. Ranging from the occasional find BIOS updates, driver updates or just manually updated the product concerned.

Another example is to test the video card. With the sharpening of competition ATI Radeon and nVidia, make different products with the latest chipset, kept coming into our lab. Which ultimately requires a software patch testing solutions. To be able to run it.

Then, what happens in the real world? In everyday use with your PC

Step Opening
As in chess, the first step will be very decisive. So also in solving problems that occur with your PC.

In this heading, will contain the most important step in trying to resolve problems with your PC. The important thing is to try to find out, what's causing your PC acting up. The last change what happens on your PC?

It is very important to know for sure. Remember, this will greatly facilitate the settlement to be done. Adjusted for possible problems that occur. From here, it is possible to narrow the possible problems that occur with your PC.

01. PC No Reacting, The Pressured Power Button.
Problem: you press the power button to turn on your PC, but PC does not show signs of life. What happened?

Solution: If this happens on your PC, there are several possibilities that must be examined one by one gradually.

Step 1: Check all the electrical network, from the AC outlet to the PSU (power supply unit) of your PC. Is it installed perfectly. Starting from the PSU to make sure the switch in the ON position, or if you use a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) and / or Stabilizers AVR (automated voltage regulator). Make sure all the ON position and in a state to function properly.

Step 2: If it is not the cause, then chances are a new next on your PC. Make sure all cables (especially power cables) and components installed properly. How to open the casing, then squeeze back component and connector cables available. Sometimes this is because the connector is not connected properly. Note also ATX 12V, which can be found on most motherboards four years. Motherboard will not act, without ration power from this connector.

Step 3: It would be quite troublesome. Make a check of device one by one. The definition is a CPU and motherboard. Make sure both are still functioning properly. Because let's say if the CPU is damaged, the system will not light at all. Likewise, if the motherboard is damaged. Especially for the affairs of its power supply (MOSFET, power lines on the PCB and so on). It also will cause the PC will not react at all.

02. Fan, Hard Drive Sounds rotation, but Remain Dark Screen Monitor.
Problem: PC react. There was a spinning fan, and other signs of life from hard drives, optical drives, etc.. However, the monitor remains black.

Solution: Fiuhh ... at least it was slightly better than the problem number 1. For this problem, you should rely on marks given BIOS POST. Make sure the casing is attached speakers either, so you can listen to a combination POST beep is definitely available on most motherboards. Or on some motherboards latest output, an integrated buzzer is also available on the motherboard.

It's easier if the motherboard BIOS POST code display is accompanied in the form of two seven segment LED, which will display the code hexagesimal. If you do not know the meaning of the code (either sound or light) or even lose the manual, once again no need to panic. You can try to open the site Bios Central (

Save various documents, favorite songs in MP3 format, installation of 3D games (which measure up to units of gigabytes), some even collect video download DivX format, or master digital video transfer from handycam results. It is not strange if the hard drive with full speed. Adding a hard drive too, was not
apart from some problems that may arise.

03. System Not Recognize New Hard Drive.
Problem: new hard drive installed, was not detected either in Windows or the BIOS though.

Solution: The point is to install and configure the hard disk properly. Harddisk not include a hard component in the installation process. However, there are several steps that must certainly have been done, when installing the hard drive.

Step 1: Make sure your hard drive is getting power supply from the PSU. Trivial mistake like this could happen. Given the location of the hard drive is usually on the front casing. Sometimes you connect with a branch of power from fan, who did not get a supply of power from the PSU. This could also be due to inadequate number of power connectors from PSU.

Step 2: Make sure that the master and slave hard drive exactly as desired. Or if you want to use the configuration on the cable select, make sure to use the configuration on the second hard drive, your old and new.

Step 3: If you want to use cable select configuration, consider the installation of the IDE cable on the hard disk. Some of the latest cable, has given a special mark, to help determine which connectors will be considered as a master, and connectors which would be considered a slave. If not available, the easiest way is by following the basic rules. Connectors are located tip designated as the master. While the connector in the middle, will be treated as a slave.

Step 4: If it all has not been able to resolve the problem, then there is an alternative answer to the BIOS settings. Integrated Peripherals On top choice, there are usually options for the IDE controller. Here also there is the option for setting the SATA hard disk controller. Should you experience a similar problem, when I want to add a new hard drive had a SATA interface. Especially for SATA hard drive and Windows, do not forget to install the driver that is usually supplied by motherboard manufacturers. Or update, depending on the chipset the motherboard uses.

04. Hard Disk Detected but Can not Be Operated.
Problem: The BIOS detects the presence of the hard disk. But not so with Windows, even DOS.

Solution: This is not a big problem. All you need do is create a partition, and then format the new hard drive. Due to the new hard drive is not formatted in a file system that can recognize the Windows or DOS. There are several possibilities that can be done with the new hard drive.

Possible 1: Should you want to install the new hard drive with operating system Windows 9x, it would require some basic knowledge about the command FDISK. For this one, we strongly recommend to use the commands on this one accompanied by someone you know who've experienced.

Possible 2: If you want to install it with Windows 2000/XP or some newer Linux distributions nowadays, you do not need another headache to deal with the FDISK command. They provide options during the installation process. Just follow the steps and choices given. At least it's easier than using the FDISK command for most people.

Possible 3: If the new hard drive would be used as an additional hard drive for data storage, it will be easier. For example, you've been using Windows XP operating system. By using his user who has administrator rights you can do the following.

Simply by going to Disk Management. One of them by right clicking on My Computer, choose Manage.

Notice the left column. Later in the Storage, select Disk Management. From here you can view and manage your new hard drive more easily.

Note: Be careful when using the facilities available in Disk Management. Do not let one choose the hard disk. Because data on the hard disk or partition may be lost. Similarly, when using FDISK or a similar function available on the operating system installation process.

05. New Hard Drive Installation Extra Large.
Problem: 200 GB hard drive is not detected either in the BIOS, let alone Windows. In fact, step on a tip to 03 and 04 has been started all.

Solution: Along with time and technological advances that exist, then the large disk mass products already available in the market. With a relatively affordable price. The core problem is the use of in LBA (Logical Block Addressing) is used. The problem for the above, usually caused by hard disk larger than 137 GB, using 48-bit LBA method.

To that end, the first needs to be done is to ascertain whether the BIOS is used, already supports 48 bit LBA. For example here is to use 48-bit LBA Test Program for the Intel Application Accelerator ( Simply by running a simple application 48lbachk.exe on the system.

If you find that the BIOS is not supporting, it is necessary to update the BIOS. Note the readme which is available on the BIOS update. Make sure the updates that will be used, to resolve compatibility issues 48 bit LBA hard drive.

Optical Drive
This one device may have been long used as a mainstay for business storage. Here may be some problems that can occur.

06. Software Burner Optical Drive Not Functioning on New.
Problem: Suppose you had to say goodbye to the old CDRW drive. And replace it with a new burner drive. But you just realize, that mainstay Nero burner software, can not be used with the new drive. Why is that?

Solution: In the early days of glorious CD-RW drives, most of the sales package comes with the burner software. However, now many outstanding optical drives that are not accompanied with the burner software.

Please note, OEM licenses granted for package sales. And devoted to the bundled product. And Nero has a protection, so that can only be used specifically for the drive. To continue to use it to drive a new burner, the most minimal cost is to upgrade. enggunakan Nero 6 Reloaded Upgrade Downloadable Serial Number (, for U.S. $ 39.99). It's cheaper than the full version.

07. Write speed is not fast as Promised.
Problem: Specification does not promise 100% accordance with the reality. But if it took the write up to two times or more the time appointed, there must be something wrong. What cause?

Solution: This may not be so much felt, even for CD-RW drive is the fastest though. However, if you've switched to a DVD burner drive, the difference will be felt. It could take more than 1 hour to complete writing data on DVD media capacity of 4.7 GB.

That need to be ascertained is, whether the hard drive or optical drive is used, has been working on Ultra DMA mode (Direct Memory Access).

How to check, in Windows XP with respect to the Device Manager. Open the IDE controller on the tree. And look at the Advanced Settings tab. Look at the Current Transfer Mode. Check on each IDE controller in which the hard drive and optical drive installed.

VGA and Display
Both are designed to pamper the eyes of users. With a more powerful VGA, you'll get a better frame rate. While the display is better, you will get a resolution and refresh rate that is not tiring the eye. However, it does not mean they are free from problems.

08. Video Card Driver not installed with Perfect.
Problem: It seems the driver installation process went perfect. But after the system restarts, there is a warning error box: "Application Error cli.exe. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application. "What causes and how to fix this?

Solution: Some users have video cards with ATI Radeon chipsets VPU never feel it. Especially if you ever update the drivers and supporting applications using the ATI Catalyst. For information, ATI Catalyst that are specific to this Windows operating system, created by using Microsoft. NET Framework SDK.

Operating systems need to be added by installing the Microsoft. NET Framework. Which is now available is for version 1.1.

It would be useful if you are also going to install applications created by using Microsoft. NET Framework SDK. To solve all the problems, which led to the emergence of pop-up window similar.

09. Avoiding Error Message When Installing VGA Driver Update.
Problem: How should perform the update VGA driver. Because in some cases, there is often an error message appears.

Solution: There is no specific command that is included on the installer file update VGA driver, who suggested to uninstall the old drivers that were previously installed. However, you'll want to make cleaning your operating system from the old drivers ever. Before you install it with the latest updates as desired.

For users with VGA with ATI Radeon chipsets, you can easily uninstall the old drivers, along with several supporting applications. Since ATI is also already includes ATI CATALYST Uninstaller, which is automatically included when ATI CATALYST driver installation process.

For others, it is necessary tricks of its own. Quite a few alternatives to clean the old drivers. You can use Driver Cleaner, which is now available Driver Cleaner 3.3, or variants Professional Edition (

10. Improving the view in the Monitor.
Problem: You have selected the best monitors. Say a TFT-LCD, or "just" the leading brand of CRT monitors, which often favored hardware reviews. But the resulting appearance is not satisfactory. What to do?
Solution: As great as any device whatever, will not be optimal without the optimal configuration. So also for the monitor.

Most LCD monitors have a special button AUTO (or similar), for automatic configuration. In accordance with the data communicated between the monitor with a video card with DDC. But sometimes not perfect. Most of the moire interference is still felt. You can use the Monitor Test, and try until interference moire mengalibrasikan minimal.

For CRT monitors, mostly at the level of contrast and brightness problems. Contrast will adjust the monitor power light. But if the excess will be tiring eyes. Brightness will memperterang. However, if too high, will lose black level. And in some cases the focus will also disrupt the viewing monitor.

DSL Internet connection speed does offer a fairly satisfactory. Package offering price range, can be tailored to the needs. However, any problem can not be separated from him. And it's not an easy thing to make an Internet connection that is free from problems.

11. Router Hang, and should be restarted.
Problem: Initially, during installation of the router, this has never happened. But lately, often times the router hangs and needs to be restarted to get an Internet connection on a PC connected to the router.

Solution: Even though the best configurations, the router can still have a hang. Usually this is due to too many connection requests at the same time. And so far, the only way around that is to restart the router (turn it off and then turn it back).

Step 1: If your router manufacturer has provided updated firmware, you can try to update the firmware to fix the routing process and prevent crashes on the router.

Step 2: You can take precautionary action. This sort of thing can also be caused by viruses, spyware also attack the PC. Run antivirus and antispyware that has been updated, to check on each PC.

Step 3: Consider the applications installed on each client PC router. Especially some of the applications file sharing Peer to Peer (P2P). Such applications can also cause this. If not configured properly, P2P software can be opened Sharring its permissions, so that if the request is too much work will automatically charge your router.

12. Connection with Wi-Fi Sometimes Disconnected.
Problem: network connection using a Wi-Fi, occasionally interrupted abruptly. For no apparent reason. This occasionally happens on Centrino notebooks are already equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

Solution: Usually this is caused due to power saving mode. Centrino notebooks by default makes this function enabled in order to save battery consumption. The easiest way is to use the Intel PROSet application (if available).

Or through the properties on WI-Fi devices ethernet, on Network Connections. Then select Configure. In Adcanced tab, there are settings to optimize power consumption. Ad Hoc Transmit Power, influence the range. Meanwhile, Power Management, will adjust to the battery condition, and the idle time of the notebook. And will automatically reduce power consumption from the battery.

This, which may cause the Wi-Fi connection is lost. So there are two alternatives that can be done.

Option 1: Setting the maximum position for both of these functions. Especially if you're not worried about the remaining battery capacity. Because the available shortcut buttons to directly turn off the Wi-Fi in most Centrino notebooks.

Option 2: Customize the style of the use of your notebook. Learn notebook usage when idle. And tried in accordance with the habits of everyday use. Surely you do not want your Wi-Fi connection was suddenly interrupted by 5 minutes of idle time has passed.

Good luck..!!