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Welcome to the Nemo’s Secret: vulcania survey. Nemo’s Secret: The Nautilus is a Hidden Object game played on PC, created by Odian Games and available at BigFish Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete Nemo’s Secret: The Nautilus.
General Information

    * From the Start Screen, click on Options to adjust the Sound and Music volumes, Turn Full Screen and Custom Cursor on and off and to view the Credits.
    * Click on Help to view descriptions of the various elements used in gameplay.
    * Click on Profile, then Create, to add up to 6 different profiles. Click on the specific profile name to play the game with that profile. You may also Delete profiles.
    * Progress is saved only after you complete a search scene or minigame. If you quit the game, in the middle of a section, you will start at the beginning of that section. All other parts of the game will be saved automatically.
    * When you start your first game, you’ll be given an opportunity to use a Tutorial. Click Yes to continue with a tutorial or No to continue without it.
    * You may skip movies and cutscenes. The Skip Button is located at the far right, at the bottom of the screen.
    * Click Play to begin a new game or continue a previous one.
    * The Logbook is located at the far left, on the bottom. This will contain the story progress and various clues to minigames and tasks.
    * During object searches, the Hint button is fully charged when you begin a search scene. It’s located at the bottom left and takes 60 seconds to recharge between uses.
    * When you find an item in the list, click on it and it will move to a fixed position, elsewhere in the scene. Some items will go into the Box (inventory) for use in a later task or minigame.
    * The Box (inventory) won’t be available except during Minigames that require those items.
    * As you find items, they will be crossed out and more will be added to the Item List. Continue locating items until the list is exhausted. Note: Item Lists are always the same but the order listed may be different.
    * During searches, some objects become interactive and may have items inside them. Those items will be in green text, in the Item List.
    * During minigames, the Skip button takes 00 seconds to charge for use.

Game Tips
    * Use the Tutorial, the first time you play the game, to familiarize yourself with the location of game tools and how to interact with various items. Be sure to read any on screen tips that pop up for additional information.
    * This guide assumes you’ve read the General Information section of this guide, used the Tutorial and/or are familiar with the all the mechanics of playing this game. Additional images and instructions will not be provided.
    * Complete each individual section (search scene, task or minigame) before quitting. If you quit in the middle of a search or minigame, your progress won’t be saved and you’ll have to replay that section. Your progress will be saved as you complete tasks.

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