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The Asskickers brings back to life the 2D arcade beat’em up in High Definition on PC and Mac. Join Alex, Diane and Marcus in their fun and action-packed journey through the heart of the modern urban jungle. Wrongly accused, these three original Asskickers must stand up to a corrupt society in which the only way to defend their rights and their freedom is to kick the butts of those who stand on the path of Justice.

* Discover an original beat’em up in HD 2D on PC and Mac only;
* Embark on an epic asskicking journey through six levels and three game modes (story, survival and time attack);
* Kick-ass with a friend in same-screen multiplayer;
* Chain up combos, special attacks and exclusive two-player collaborative attacks in true beat’em up fashion;
* Take it back from corrupt political and financial elite by literally kicking its ass;
* Play with three different characters, each with a distinctive fighting style and unique dialogues;
* Enjoy a game that pulls no punches and has its tongue firmly in cheek.
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