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In the click-management title “Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame”, Emily is on her way to her own televised cooking show. But when Emily’s car breaks down she tumbles into a heartwarming town named Snuggford, where each day brings something new.

My Contribution:
“Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame” was my first project as a lead designer. My goal for this project was to integrate story in the gameplay of a click-management title. This would add variety, but also a motivation to continue and hopefully establish a connection with the game’s characters, which would help in the sales of future “Delicious” games. It was important to tell a story with moral values and a cast of well-rounded characters and I can honestly say that it worked out great. Never in the history has there been a click-management game where so much happens: a father-son reunion, Francois almost exploding, making new friends, experiencing the down-side of fame, etc, etc.

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