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Teach Yourself To Play Piano: Deluxe Edition is a complete beginners course in piano, ideal for those of no prior experience.  It adopts the style of many similar products, combining video tuition, an interactive song player, and exercises & pieces to develop your style and technique.  It is also intuitively and well designed, with all the basic features you will need to start your pianistic journey.  In addition to all this, it comes at an impressively low price!

Teach Yourself To Play Piano: Deluxe Edition is brought to you by Alfred Publishing, publishers of respected music instruction books for many years.  Because of this, you can know that the teaching you get is going to be of a high quality, developed and improved through years of experience.  However, this also means that the focus is on teaching piano rather than providing flashy and versatile software.  Compared to similar products, Teach Yourself To Play Piano lacks bonus features such as composition capabilities, or a vast music library or extensive music reference library.  If all you want is an introduction to the basics of playing piano this software should be fine, but if you want the benefits of spending a little extra and can afford it, it is certainly worth looking at our Top 10 Piano reviews.

The software provides a very thorough grounding in the basic principles that will help to accelerate your piano learning, such as rhythm and chords.  It also creates an atmosphere in which you can develop your technique, which will be particularly important if you plan to take your playing to an intermediate or advanced stage.  For example, the finger exercises and ear-training are useful facilities that cannot be found on all similar software.  However, musically the program is fairly conservative.  Some programs offer specific and extensive tuition in improvisation, blues, the art of accompaniment and playing in ensembles and other branches of music.  You are not going to find anything like this here; instead the focus is on equipping you with the absolutely necessary skills so that you can progress with your learning and play by yourself.

Something that may attract many players to Teach Yourself To Play Piano: Deluxe Edition is that it does not, as a considerable proportion of similar software does, require you to input a MIDI keyboard.  This can save you money as you will be able to use any keyboard or piano that you already have, and you will not need to worry about connecting your keyboard with the correct cables or about the problems of compatibility that often arise when setting up complex hardware systems.  However, you must also be aware that this software will not provide you with any of the features that you can get if you have this sort of setup.  Teach Yourself To Play Piano will not assess your playing or give you a score for accuracy, and so it cannot track your progress.  You must judge for yourself if you are playing something correctly, against the backing track provided.  The software does go further than some, in allowing you to actually record what you are playing into the program.  However, to do this you will need to buy and setup a microphone at additional cost and inconvenience.

We would advise Teach Yourself To Play Piano: Deluxe Edition for anyone who wants an introduction to piano, but does not want to spend a large amount of money.  It would also be suitable for someone who has experience playing another musical instrument or who has some musical knowledge already.  The program can be used by people of all ages, though there may not be features here to excite and keep the interest of younger children.  Most of all, it is a cheaper alternative to many of the more complex programs, and if this is a consideration it is a good buy.

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