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Tools to help you compose and write your own music intuitively, for the solo instrument as well as for the full orchestra. These tools help you to find, structure, develop, organize and harmonize your own musical ideas with an intuitive approach. The music libraries contain thousands of simple melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, blocks that you can assemble, modify or complete, with a method accessible to anybody who is willing to compose music. Everything you need for music notation and page layout, from a soloist to a full orchestra. Harmonic spaces let you intuitively navigate through chords, to search for a chord progression that will fit your music composition; combine it with the real time arranger and the style library. Draw the graphic curves of your melodies and see the notes appear on the staff. Change the rhythm and edit the curves in an intuitive way up to the moment when you like the sound of it. Starting from an existing melody, get a chord analysis to help you select which chords will better accompany it.

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