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ZWCAD software, as a highly reliable and powerful CAD tool, meets the needs of 2D/3D design & drafting industry, including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), mechanics, electronics…and anyone who creates CAD drawings.ZWCAD 2009i can open, edit, and save any existing DWG file generated by AutoCAD from version 2.5 to 2009 without conversion or data loss. With unrivalled DWG compatibility
fast speed and affordable price, ZWCAD 2009i enables users create drawings quickly and easily with significant cost savings. ZWCAD 2009i has made significant improvements in aspects like stability, speed, performance, especially in the plotting function. Firstly, greater stability is assured. The operating stability has been highly improved based on feedback from customers all over the world. Secondly, drafting efficiency is increased. Productivity while editing complex drawings has been greatly improved with faster stretching and deleting of complex entities. This speed enhancement enables designers to work more efficiently.
In addition, the strongest feature of ZWCAD 2009i lies in its great plotting power.New plotting features include support for paper space, plot stamps, and settings in CTB files. You can get a white paper from layout automatically. With the help of plot stamps in ZWCAD 2009i, you can add some useful information to the paper easily, such as drawing names, dates and times, and plot scales. Plot stamps enable you to arrange CAD drawings and plots in perfect order. Better CTB support is part of improvement with ZWCAD 2009i. More settings with CTB are available, such as line end styles, line join styles and fill styles, you can specify the style of line end, line join and fill for plotting. With unrivalled DWG compatibility, fast speed and affordable price, ZWCAD 2009i enables users to create drawings quickly and easily with significant cost savings
Key features:-
· With the Export command, drawings can be exported in raster and vector formats, including bmp, wmf, emf, svg, dwf, eps, pdf, and sat.
Layer Properties Manager:
· Layer management applies properties to groups of objects, such as Color, Linetype, and Lineweight. In addition, layers can be frozen (invisible) or thawed (visible), locked (visible but not editable) or unlocked (editable). The current state of all layers can be archived through the States Manager for reuse in other drawing projects.
Linetype Manager:
· The Linetype Manager adds new linetypes to drawings from existing linetype (.lin) files. You can change the names and descriptions of linetypes, and specify global and current object scale factors to achieve the proper size.
· For annotation of drawings, ZWCAD provides multi-line text and single-line text capabilities, with options for setting text styles.
· ZWCAD is able to fit text along arcs with Arctext command.
· The majority of ZWCAD\’s drawing commands are compatible with those in AutoCAD. Users already familiar with AutoCAD commands and features can begin to draw and edit in ZWCAD immediately. There is little re-learning required.
· ZWCAD contains a full set of editing tools for modifying drawings. Standard functions include Copy, Move, Array, Download, Offset, and Trim.
· You can dimension objects one at a time, or you can place series of dimensions.
Gradient Hatches:
· With the powerful gradient hatch feature, it is easier to fill areas of your drawings with varying colors
Blocks and Attributes:
· Create blocks, and then save them in your current drawing or as external files. You can also create blocks with attributes (text-based data) which can then be extracted to external files for use with spreadsheets, databases, and word processors.
Raster Image Manager:
· The Raster Image Manager allows you to attach image files to drawings, and then detach, locate, reload, or unload attached images. ZWCAD lists all image files associated with drawings, along with details, such as pixel width, color depth, resolution, and the file path.
Real-Time Zoom and Pan:
· Instantly switch among different views of drawings, between zoomed-in detailed views and zoomed-out overviews.
Unlimited Undo/Redo:
· When changes are made frequently to drawings, it can be more convenient to backstep, instead of deleting and redrawing. The history list allows you to undo and redo actions without limit.
· You can print your drawings easily by selecting settings in the plot dialog box. Page setup allows you to set the default plotter type, paper size, plot area, plot scale, and so on.
What’s New in ZWCAD
* Greater Stability
* Faster working efficiency
* Improved Plotting
* Easier Operation
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