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QuickNotes menu- keep your "top 10 notes" in a floater on your desktop always for easy access. MacWorld calls QuickNotes our killer feature!MultilView- view more than one note view at once, as many as will fit on your display NoteOrganizer- and advanced table of contents with category and group
Note Level Encryption
Read-Only notes
Find in notes and notepad
Many note back-up options

Basic Features:

Customize with many user Preferences- tune TopXNotes just the way you like it
Color text, style, font and font size, all user selectable, all saved, all cut / copy / paste, internal drag & drop note view to note view, unlimited UnDo
Cut / copy / paste and drag and drop to and from external applications
Recognize links (ftp, web & email, other?) and launch from them by a single click
Each note (page) can be identified by its number, full title, and organized by groups and categories you specify.
Theoretically unlimited notes
Theoretically unlimited note size
Note page turning arrows
Save automatically on page turn
Optional save on a time interval
Optional basic encryption
Export as either straight text or RTF
Import either straight text or RTF
New "note exchange" format
Export groups of notes
Drag Export and Import
Template pages for easily creating new kinds of notes
A set of 10 templates installed as part of this release including Web Accounts, Financial Accounts, and Serial Numbers and various other lists.

Download TopXNotes.V.15
Password : softmediafire
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