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A very powerful, yet very affordable Internet Cafe Software.Specify a time duration to restrict a prepaid member or a prepaid code account. The account can login only in this specified time range.

Allows changing of the text displayed on the buttons, labels, and on all other controls in all Cafezee screens using Custom Language Settings. Further you can have different languages set at server and clients.

Monitors the Bandwidth used by clients and warn the user of excess bandwidth usage.

Logs events of the server and client in a separate data file.

Supports printing of code using a word template, which can be redesigned by the user.

Supports creation of unlimited slots in the Post-Paid schemes.

Allows detecting of the laptop clients connected to the same network as of the Cafezee server using the Auto-detection of clients feature.

Allows grouping of the clients and applying of different security settings to different groups directly from the server. Selection of Security settings using security levels High, Low and No security.

Amount Paid entry to allow rounding of the Total Amount or enter desired amount.

Option to export the prepaid member details to excel.

Prepaid Code functionality allows customers to unlock and use any computer by specifying a CODE, which they have to purchase from the cybercafe's cash counter. The code once purchased can be used until the minutes in the code expire.

Prepaid members of the cafe have their own login and password, which they can use to unlock the computers and start using them. They can renew their accounts by paying to the staff. Various prepaid packages can be designed with fixed number of minutes and validity periods. The members can avail their usage and renewal reports when desired.

Various postpaid pricing schemes can be designed for various categories of customers. The staff selects the appropriate scheme to unlock the computer, and the customer gets charged according to the pricing defined for that particular postpaid scheme. Summarized information can be obtained from the Cafezee reports on the performance of each such scheme.

Supports manual billing in the form of dummy clients to time Xbox, Laptops, Pool Tables or anything else in your cafe.

Invoke/Switch on the client computers that were earlier connected to the Cafezee server computer from the Cafezee server program using the Wake on LAN feature.

Chatting between the server and client computers now enable the customers to request services without ever getting out of their chairs.

Send message to all feature enables the operator to broadcast announcements to all users in the cybercafe simultaneously.

All sales, purchases and expenses can be recorded.

Cafezee now allows to maintain stock details; All the purchases or sales made will now affect the quantity of products sold in the cyber cafe, and one can view the updated stock position at any time by using the Inventory report.

Cash discounts can be given to postpaid customers in case their was a lapse in the service provided by the cafe (typically, a break in the Internet connection etc.,) And for the prepaid customers, their minutes can be adjusted. A report showing all the records where adjustments were made can be availed to query the staff on each adjustment given.

A very useful feature of Cafezee is its ability to mark all the records up to a period in time as "accounted", which means that the cafe owner has already collected the amount for those records from the staff. A cafe owner can choose to perform the settlement once in many days or many times in one day.

All the client computers can be unlocked/locked/restarted/shutdown from the server.

This feature allows the staff/Admin to save the positions of the client icons in the server main screen. The staff can use this option to arrange the client icons in a manner which resembles physical position of the client machines

If all the client computers are occupied by the customers, the server machine can be switched to the CLIENT-MODE and given to a customer. All the clients keep functioning even if the server goes down for a long period of time.

Discount percentages can be defined for non-peak hours of the day and for different days of the week. Price is calculated considering both the pricing scheme and the happy hour.

Sometimes, some applications may not be present in some computers but present in others. The customer may want to switch to a different computer in the middle of his session, and with the transfer session feature of Cafezee this becomes very easy.

Different staff members can be given different access rights with regards to the operation of Cafezee. For instance, some may be given a right to unlock the server and work on it, some may be given a right to modify client security settings etc.,

Bills can be printed showing the pc usage amount and the amount from other services after a customer session.

Monthly collections over a period

Adjustments/Discounts given

Server ON/OFF graph

Cafezee monitors all the printer queues available on the Cafezee server machine and stores the document names and other details of all the documents printed. This feature has certain limitations.

The connectivity to the Internet is monitored and the data is presented in the form of a graph.

The Customer Login and Logout screens can have a background designed by you.

Figures like the number of clients in session, the total number of clients connected, the total amount collected after the last settlement etc., can be availed online from anywhere in the world from our website.

The Cafezee server time is synchronized with our main Server and all the Cafezee clients get synchronized with the Cafezee server, thus ensuring that the records are time stamped accurately.

Cafezee reads the currency and the date settings from the Windows Regional Settings, which can be modified according to your region.

The Windows Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, Display settings etc., can all be locked away from customer or staff access, thus reducing the maintenance costs drastically. Even the Internet Explorer settings can be restricted so as to prevent unauthorized alteration to its interface. Disk drives can be hidden and downloads disabled.

Cafezee can automatically close all the applications and downloads started by a customer once he logs out. This helps avoid embarrassing moments from objectionable sites left behind by the previous customer. Also, this helps in optimizing the available bandwidth by stopping all the downloads started by the customer.

Cafezee allows the users to use some applications without starting their session. These applications can be specified using the Allowed Applications feature.

You can use this option to restrict users from accessing specified applications and web-sites.

Cafezee regularly makes backup copies of its database in the local drive itself, and also automatically repairs any errors in the database. The print monitoring and connectivity data is cleaned up at regular intervals.

The Cafezee database is encrypted and password protected so that nobody can tamper the data records.

Option to display the Cafezee server and the client program in the system tray.
Option to avoid renewals from the client program for the prepaid users.

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