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VerseQ - unique typing tutor, who made the blind printing affordable to anyone! Typing tutor VerseQ differs from all other great efficiency, as well as a range of unmatched features. Easier would be to say that VerseQ - a new step in learning touch typing techniques.

VerseQ offers you:
* Even today, after an hour you can touch-type. Yes, an hour later, albeit slowly, but will be able to write my first letter to a friend blind.
* After 5-15 hours with the simulator you can print at speeds of 200-350 sim / min.

The lack of selectivity:
* 100% satisfaction guarantee results for anyone who will work with the program longer than one hour, following the recommendations.
* VerseQ effective regardless of temperament, gender and age student.

Psychological comfort:
* Technology training VerseQ eliminates stress. On the contrary, working with VerseQ promotes mental relaxation.
* VerseQ, as an experienced teacher, in any case does not punish for mistakes, but rather helps them work out and fix the right skills, in a special way making up individual exercises.

Independent of the level of training:
* Suitable for beginners, as a basic trainer.
* Good to eliminate weak spots and increase your typing speed.
* Suitable for a pro.
* VerseQ must for all those who were unsuccessful with standard simulators and stuck somewhere in the main row. With VerseQ you today will be able to touch-type at a speed of 70-150 sim / min.

The downward curve of learning:
* The distribution of VerseQ learning is optimized for individual learning, where the main role played by self-motivation. Therefore, in VerseQ the most difficult stage - the first hour, and then it gets easier and easier. This makes effective use of your first impulse to learn touch typing and keeps your motivation going afterwards.
* The descending curve helps to quickly and without the psychological barriers to increase your typing speed.

Maximum use of student abilities:
* VerseQ not limit your ability to self-learning. There are instances when people with absolute zero reached a speed of 150 sym / min per hour of training.

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: Present
Language: Russian + English + German
Developer: VerseQ
File format: rar
OS: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
File size: 16.6 Mb

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