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Browse the web without those annoying popup ads with Popup Ad Stopper!Popup Ad Stopper is a simple, easy to use popup blocker. The features have been scaled down for the sake of simplicity.Popup Ad Stopper works with any web browser, not just one or a select few, like most popup blockers. This is possible because of the method used.Popup Ad Stopper is a software that allows you to navigate secure internet connection.Popup Ad Stopper actually filters web page content as it is coming in from the Internet, before it reaches any web browser you may be using.

· Run Popup Ad Stopper minimized quietly in the system tray, forget about it, and surf the web popup-free.
· Popup Ad Stopper blocks popup ads from ALL web browsers, not just one or a select few.
· Popup Ad Stopper is very simple and easy to use.
· Popup Ad Stopper will stop those annoying popup advertisements on the web, allowing you to surf the web on your own terms.
· Popup Ad Stopper will block [pop up] and [pop under] web advertisements. Pop under advertisements are a relatively new concept that pop under the web page that spawns them. When you are done browsing and close the browsing window, you are all of a sudden bombarded with all the pop under windows that have occurred while you were surfing the web. Popup Ad Stopper will stop these.

· Lets you select the Network Adaptor you want to Monitor, Minimize to System Tray or Taskbar option.
· ToolTips.

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